Autumn 2020 newsletter


I encourage you all to go and take a look at the new website! We have rearranged and revised some of the content to make this website a great resource for everyone. We are still working on moving to an online system to renew your membership. There will be more details in the coming months. 

As part of the process of  updating the website with a new look and feel, it was suggested that we could also update our logo. The Upper Hopkins LMG committee met recently and voted to accept the new logo (above). Let me know what you think.

In the last newsletter, I said that we would be moving to a new, digital newsletter. It turns out that the process of updating and renovating the website has taken a bit longer than predicted so I’m not quite ready to shift to the new digital format yet. I understand that several of our members do prefer the printed version and I’ll work out the best way to print the digital newsletter so that you can continue receiving it in your mailbox.