Ararat Landcare Group

Ararat Landcare Group formed in 1999 and has an urban/rural residential focus.  Activities of this small, but committed group include:

  • protection of remnant vegetation especially where extensive and continuous areas remain reasonably intact;
  • control of invasive weed species on public land, particularly where weeds impact on native groundcover species e.g. orchids, grasses, lilies and other herbaceous plants;
  • planting of indigenous trees and shrubs to provide habitat and passage for native birds, animals, reptiles and insects;
  • caring for natural waterways within the city, especially Cemetery Creek; 
  • promoting the benefits of a healthy, viable environment and educating the community, especially young people in protecting and caring for it.

Members of the group work hard to protect the urban environment of Ararat. They meet monthly and organise regular working bees throughout the year. New members are always welcome! Contact facilitator Ayesha Burdett for more information.

Urban Trees – making choices for a changing climate

As our local climate becomes hotter and drier, street trees and private spaces can be used for valuable passive interventions to modify the local microclimate. Informed decision-making about tree varieties and placement are essential to have targeted and long-term impacts in our local towns and cities.

In 2022, the Ararat Landcare Group partnered with Ararat Rural City Council and our neighbouring Landcare groups in Stawell and Beaufort to investigate the future of urban trees across our region.

In March 2022, Ararat Landcare Group held a seminar to discuss the challenges of planning for a changing climate and making the best choices for trees and shrubs for our streets and gardens. We invited Rob Gell to discuss the challenges of a changing climate and Dr Greg Moore to describe some of the opportunities and challenges for including trees in urban landscapes. Click below to view their talks.

“Urban Trees – making choices for a changing climate” is supported by the Victorian Government and funded through the Sustainability Fund – Supporting Our Regions to Adapt program.

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