Supporting the community to care for the environment in a productive landscape.

Mission Statement

We have seen many changes across the landscape since we started in 1991. Climate change is predicted to create hotter, drier summers in the region. Now more than ever, every project plays a critical role in the long term viability of our environment.

The Upper Hopkins Land Management Group has been very active over the last two decades.

  • We have had a strong focus on salinity and have established three saline discharge demonstration sites in the area.
  • Accessing both Federal and State Government grants has enabled us to protect and enhance waterways, and create several wildlife corridors. These corridors link and expand on remnant vegetation and protect waterways from erosion and stock grazing and trampling.
  • Other projects have targeted remnant vegetation protection away from waterways, and issues associated with steep hill management.
  • Workshops have been held on a range of topics, including soils, biological farming, carbon sequestration, stock containment areas, dryland salinity and native seed collection.
  • Our Annual General Meeting is held at the beginning of each financial year and includes farm inspections and/or a guest speaker.
  • We have a number of projects planned including a focus on climate change, soil health, continued weed and rabbit control, biodiversity protection and enhancement, protecting our waterways and hills, and sustainable farming techniques.