Rabbit Control

The Upper Hopkins Land Management Group supports financial members to control rabbits in the region. Several of our recent projects have included rabbit control in association with revegetation. 

European rabbits were first introduced to Australia in the 1800s. The rabbit population grew rapidly in the wild and soon became an issue for colonists. They have now spread across Australia and continue to impact agricultural production and native ecosystems. 

In agricultural landscapes, rabbits cause damage in three main ways:

  • Lost production (direct consumption of crops and other plants);
  • Financial cost of control;
  • Increased soil erosion and subsequent effects of infrastructure and water quality. 

In native ecosystems, the effect of rabbits can be devastating:

  • Compete with native fauna for food and shelter;
  • Grazing seedlings;
  • Prey source for fox and feral cat populations;
  • Soil erosion.

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