Maroona Wind Farm

The Maroona Wind Farm was completed  at the end of March 2018, approximately 15 km south of Ararat. The two turbines connect to the existing electricity network in the area and produce the equivalent energy usage of around 4000 households.

The Community Fund

Right from the start, a commitment was made to ensure that the entire Maroona community would benefit from the wind farm. This is being achieved through an ongoing Community Fund. The Community Fund is an annual payment from Maroona Wind Farm and is used to finance projects that benefit the local community.

A local panel oversees the selection of suitable projects and the distribution of funding, while finances are handled by the Upper Hopkins Land Management Group.

Community projects within a 10 km radius of Maroona are eligible to apply for support from the wind farm. Applications with a brief description of the project and associated costing and quotations can be submitted up until the end of February, each year, to be considered for funding. Applications can be lodged with Upper Hopkins LMG president Jack Tucker ( 0427 547 636) or facilitator Ayesha Burdett ( 0429 021 500).