Creating wildlife corridors and biolinks

Mt William Pastoral established an extensive wildlife corridor on Snake Road that includes a planting of five rows of various native trees – 4500 trees in total along the 3.2 km corridor.This project will enhance existing remnants in the area, as well as a link to scattered trees in paddocks to the west.

We also used Possum Cameron to deep rip the lines in his customary perfect starlight rows in the summer when it was dry. Once my husband Matt and his dad Arthur had put in all the posts, the Landmate Crew came along to pull wire and put droppers on.

The project took several months to complete, starting with deep ripping the lines in the summer when it was dry. The area was sprayed twice in autumn, and then the Landmate Crew came in and planted out the site, taking only one week to do so.

Taking on a project of this size would have been impossible for the landholders without the help of the Landmate Crew. Mt William has used the Landmate Crew over the years to do many large-scale tree planting projects and all of them have been a great success. The landholders described the Landmate Crew:

They are expert in the field of fencing and tree planting. Their efficiency and professionalism was amazing.