Membership of the Upper Hopkins Land Management Group provides resources and benefits for you and your land.

  • funding opportunities from various sources;
  • quarterly newsletter in your inbox;
  • invitations to practical workshops and seminars (often no or low cost);
  • advice on Landcare-related issues specific to your property;
  • access to boom spray for gorse control.
  • Members can participate in a number of social gatherings throughout the year where they can meet inspiring landholders and learn about local projects.


Our group has the following resources available free of charge for its financial members to use:

  • Tree planters
  • Direct seeder
  • Spray unit/trailer (for woody weed control)
  • 4 x remote sensor cameras (for monitoring native and pest animals on your property)
  • Water quality testing kit
  • Upper Hopkins Land Management Group promotional banners

Become a member today

Contact the Landcare Group Treasurer to join.

Membership fees

  • $66 (incl. GST) for three years
  • $27.50 (incl. GST) for one year
  • Membership fees can be paid once only or ongoing.